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The Sad Girl

posted Mar 3, 2014, 8:32 AM by Joy Henley   [ updated Apr 23, 2014, 11:50 AM ]
I am SO incredibly and ridiculously proud to report that my dear friend Bob Mueller's first book, The Sad Girl, was published yesterday!

I actually jumped up and down in my dining room when I told my husband. Most folks won't get what a huge deal that is, but those who know me well are aware that I haven't jumped or run or much of anything that involves intense movement or weight distribution on my right ankle since I broke it rather magnificently in a car accident four and a half years ago. Jumping is HUGE!

So is my friend's release of this book.

The concept for the story started out with a short he wrote almost ten years ago, and finally made it to novel-length around two years ago. I'd been providing advice and being an idea-bouncer for him for awhile, as we talked writing and stories and development and characters and plotting and all sorts of stuff over the years of our friendship. And it was just about two years ago that he told me it was done...and hinted heavily that, since I was doing some copy editing for Regent in addition to what was then my primary job, I should consider branching out and edit his book, too.

When I got laid off from that job, I found myself in something of a quandary. I needed something to do, but I didn't want to do the same thing I'd been doing for the last five years. Working outside the home was also a no-go; I like being a stay-at-home mom, and not having to shell out for child care is a huge relief for our budget.

It was Bob's urging that got me thinking about launching my own business.

It took me four months to figure out a name, a pricing setup, and then actually take the plunge.

I've been so grateful.

If it wasn't for Bob and The Sad Girl, Inkstained Editing might not have ever gotten off the ground.

So...yeah, jumping in excitement was absolutely called for. And not just because of what The Sad Girl meant for me.

I've watched my friend's writing improve as he's learned and honed his craft. I was so impressed with this book. He'd told me some parts of the basic concept, but much of the story was a surprise. I had to consciously remember to wear my editor hat the whole time, because it would have been too easy to just read and enjoy.

I was touched that he wanted my opinions as he worked with Samantha Bagood on cover art.

And I bugged him repeatedly, wanting to know when this great book was going to be hitting the virtual shelves.

When he told me last night that he'd made the jump and published the ebook, I was ecstatic. I bought a Kindle copy right away.

I have been sitting on this news for over twelve hours now, and it's been hard, but I promised him I would wait until he made the announcement himself before I went crazy and started bragging about him and his book from the rooftops.

I am immeasurably proud to have worked on this book, and I'm genuinely delighted that it's now available to the public.

The Sad Girl has a little bit of everything...much in the same way that the Grandfather tells his grandson what The Princess Bride is about. No fencing, and I don't recall any horses, and the type of revenge Inigo Montoya was seeking certainly isn't there, but it's a masterful suspense/crime thriller that has the rest of that list. I highly recommend it,
and not just because I edite
d it or because Bob's my friend.

It's because it's worth any reader's time.

I hope you check it out!

Bob Mueller blogs at Indefixa, and has self-published The Sad Girl under the Indefixa umbrella. 

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